Which developments of the scientists of the Scientific Revolution most challenged Church doctrine and how? What was the Church's response?

How did the spirit of the Renaissance contribute to the beginnings of the Scientific Revolution?

Explain the major aspects of the Cartesian philosophy. Why was this philosophy so attractive to intellectuals in the seventeenth century?

Giordano Bruno was not a practical scientist, and he provided no evidence to prove his theories, thus attracting only a limited following. Even so, he is considered a major figure in the development of thought in the Scientific Revolution. Why?

Scientific historians sometimes use the advancement of physics as the measure of how far thought had progressed during the Scientific Revolution, due to the field's relation to the other major fields of study. Describe this relation and evaluate the use of physics in this manner?

What were the conditions necessary to advance astronomical knowledge from Copernicus to Newton? How did they develop during the seventeenth century?

Was the Scientific Revolution truly revolutionary? What aspects of the medieval period were overturned during the sixteenth and seventeenth century?

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