Tyrion Lannister stands out in the series largely because of his amazing ability to live by his wits without sacrificing his integrity. Some characters in the series are morally bankrupt but politically savvy (Cersei Lannister, for instance), while others are politically naïve but morally good (Eddard Stark in Game of Thrones). With a rare mix of cunning and conscience, Tyrion combines the best of these two types. He recognizes that the Lannisters must keep Sansa Stark alive if they hope to free Jaime from captivity, but he also seems to genuinely feel for Sansa and the terrible position she is in. Similarly, he can see the political folly of bringing Shae with him to the capital, but he has become truly fond of her and feels that he cannot betray her by leaving her behind. Nor does he wish to deny himself her company. His first chapter sets up the political conflict between himself and his sister that will dominate much of his plot in the book, but there can be no doubt that he also means to do what is best for his family as a whole.