In his final chapter, Bran regains a sense of his own strength and identity as he his now able to inhabit Summer at will. Bran, who had grown up dreaming of being a knight, struggled with despair after his fall left him paralyzed, but the opening of his “third eye,” as Jojen calls it, gave him a new source of hope and strength for his life. Significantly, it is in the depths of the Stark crypt, where generations of the Starks are buried, that Bran is able to fully gain control over his newfound ability. With the Stark sigil being the direwolf, Bran's supernatural connection to his own direwolf as well as the location where that connection is firmly established imply that Bran has fully become a wolf of the north, so to speak. In other words, he has embraced his identity in all its aspects, and the last lines of his chapter foreshadow for the reader that though he, like his family's ancestral home Winterfell, has been damaged, he is not destroyed.