The events surrounding Catelyn further the civil war plot and show again how uncertain war can be. Edmure and the Tully men are proud of their defense of the riverlands against the Lannisters, but the novel gives readers two clues that it might not be the sweeping victory that it appears. The first is Catelyn’s own anxiety. The victories seem to be coming fast for the Starks and the Tullys, but she cannot shake the sense that something is amiss, a feeling confirmed when she looks at the map and sees where Tywin is headed. The other, more subtle clue lies in Edmure’s letter to Catelyn, in which he notes that the Lannister attack might have been a feint, or misdirection. Earlier in the book, readers saw Robb pull a surprising move that resulted in a great victory. Tywin, the book suggests, might be capable of something similar, though as of yet it remains unclear what that might be. As a result, Catelyn—and the reader—are left to wonder whether the Starks and Tullys are premature to think they're victorious.