A Game of Thrones


Chapters 69-72

Summary Chapters 69-72

In Catelyn’s final perspective chapter, Robb has grown into a younger version of Ned. Robb prays before the godswood with his men after someone important to him dies, and Catelyn notes that it is the same thing Ned would have done. Robb finds himself in the middle of a war and already pledged to marry a woman he does not know. Likewise, Ned married Catelyn, a girl he hardly knew, and immediately afterward he rode off to war. Finally, Robb comes into power in the same style as his father. Ned did not ask to be Lord of Winterfell, but his brother Brandon’s death meant that Ned had to accept the role. Similarly, Ned did not want to be Hand of the King, but Jon Arryn’s death made it necessary. Robb does not ask to be King in the North, but he has the role thrust upon him.

In an indirect way, the birth of the dragons is a fulfillment of the Dothraki elders' prophecy that Daenerys would give birth to the “stallion who mounts the world.” In the novel, dragons have not been seen in the world for hundreds of years, but it's known that when they did exist they served as the most fearsome weapon in the Targaryen arsenal. Because of the dragons, Aegon Targaryen was practically invincible, and he managed to conquer all of Westeros, earning him the name Aegon the Conqueror. Daenerys, who intended to return to Westeros and retake the Iron Throne, now has dragons at her disposal, and the turn of events foreshadows that Daenerys will succeed in taking control of Westeros. In other words, it will not be Daenerys's son who turns out to be the stallion, as he is stillborn. It will more likely be the dragons, which the end of the novel shows Daenerys nursing as though they were her natural-born offspring.