From the start, the novel also deals with issues of freedom and captivity, a theme that will reappear at times throughout the rest of the book. In some scenarios the captivity is literal, while in others the prison is figurative. Jaime is in manacles as Brienne and Ser Cleos take him back to King's Landing. Catelyn is imprisoned in her home under accusations of treason. Sansa, though she isn't shackled or restricted to a room, is nonetheless a hostage of the Lannisters and she's unable to leave King's Landing. Davos, on the other hand, isn't being held by any captors, but he is stranded on an island in a bay and can't leave of his own volition. Jon Snow, meanwhile, is trapped in a dangerous situation from which there's no clear escape. Lastly, Arya is desperately trying to avoid capture. With the exception of Davos, who is rescued, each character searches for freedom from their situation, and that search is a major motivation to each in the novel.