Grace’s account of the events that took place on her birthday at the Kinnear household demonstrates the fragility of a woman’s reputation. Not knowing what else to do when Nancy gave her the afternoon off, Grace simply wandered through the estate’s orchard, pondering her life and feeling trapped. She fell asleep, only to get startled awake by Jamie Walsh, who offered to be her “sweetheart.” Charmed but uninterested, Grace declined. Although he accepted her decision without much protest, in a story where men have frequently treated Grace as a sexual object, it’s difficult to interpret Jamie’s sudden appearance and bold proposal as completely innocent. And yet nothing physical does occur between them. Jamie only helps raise Grace’s spirits. However, her high spirits once again get dashed when she emerges from the orchard and finds Mr. Kinnear on the verandah with his telescope, violating her privacy and questioning her morals. Grace knows that Mr. Kinnear feels suspicious of her conduct with Jamie, and what is even worse than her violated sense of privacy is her understanding that, regardless of what really happened between her and Jamie, whatever Mr. Kinnear believes about her conduct will supersede the real truth. Her reputation is at stake and in the hands of a man.