When Barack Obama wins the election, Dike texts Ifemelu that his president is black like he is. As Ifemelu watches Obama’s acceptance speech, she feels America is beautiful.

Ifemelu’s accompanying blog post praises white friends who take on the burden of explaining racism to other white people, but adds that they are few and far between.

Summary: Chapter 41

Ifemelu’s flashback ends. Aisha is still working on her hair, now upset that her Igbo boyfriend has not come to talk to Ifemelu.

Aisha asks Ifemelu how she got her green card. Aisha tried to have a green card marriage when she came to America, but her fiancé extorted money from her. Ifemelu explains that her job sponsored her green card. Aisha reveals that she couldn’t go back to Senegal when her father died because she didn’t have a green card. She hopes that her boyfriend will marry her so she can get a green card. Her mother is sick, and she wants to go to her funeral when she passes. Ifemelu promises that she will talk to her boyfriend for her and asks where he works. She makes sure to tip Aisha well, knowing the shop owner will take most of the fee.

Aunty Uju calls in a panic to tell Ifemelu that Dike tried to commit suicide.

Summary: Chapter 42

Obinze worries about how Ifemelu waited four days before replying to him. He tries to research Blaine. He even revives his Facebook account to look up more about him, even though he had deleted his account because he hated the cultivated stories of people’s lives.