Obinze’s decision to leave Kosi for Imfemulu marks the triumph of an authentic life over one of superficial ease. Notably, Obinze moves out of the house he shares with Kosi and begins the divorce process independently of whether Ifemelu accepts his advances or not. Ifemelu has spurred Obinze to change the superficiality in his life, and he has decided this change in and of itself will be a reward, regardless of his romantic success with Ifemelu. When Obinze considers the effect of his divorce on Buchi, he decides that she eventually will realize her parents do not love each other, which he considers worse than divorce because she will feel her life has not been real. Obinze trusts in honesty’s power to create the kind of life that he longs for. Ifemelu, as a representative of honesty and truth, invites Obinze into her flat because she can fully trust in Obinze’s desire to build an honest life together.