Since Codi left at the end of high school and lost her child at around that time, those years are her primary point of reference to Grace. Although in many ways she has now come full circle, teaching instead of studying at the high school, her emotions have yet to catch up to the reality of the situation. Loyd's return to her life starts the process of Codi's reintegration into the present of Grace. While with everyone else Codi talks about her past, she and Loyd pick up at the present, even though they share a past connection. Loyd went to high school in Grace, but he is not a member of the community descended from the Gracela sisters. Loyd belongs to a community even more connected to the valley than the Gracela descendants: the native peoples of the area. Native American cosmology offers an understanding of the past and an understanding of the land that serves as the ideal for the integration of humans into habitat and history.