Anne of Green Gables


Chapters 29–32

Summary Chapters 29–32

Anne benefits from the strong women who encourage her. Whereas earlier Marilla does not approve of female teachers, she now encourages Anne to make a career of teaching. Miss Stacy provides a model for Anne’s possible career as a teacher. Even Mrs. Rachel, who is so often very critical of Anne, takes pride in Anne’s academic achievements and begins to respect her as a woman.

The pace of the novel mirrors the pace of Anne’s life. Earlier in the novel, each minor event, each cooking accident and social gaffe, fills Anne’s mind, and so fills an entire chapter. As Anne matures, the events of her life move more quickly, and she begins to think of important plans like going to college. As a result, the novel’s pace accelerates. Instead of focusing on one daylong event, as do the early chapters, these chapters begin to cover entire school years. The acceleration of the narrative does not necessarily suggest that Anne is growing up too quickly; rather, it shows that Anne is maturing and that what she deems important has changed. In her youth she focuses on immediate events, but as she grows older she develops a broader, more far-reaching perspective.