Once near to the island, the plan is to anchor the boat far in the harbor and have a launch take those who are destined for the island onto the island. Nothing is to be brought onto the ship from the island, except mail, which shall be disinfected.

Martin tells Leora, before they get onto the launch, that she can still turn back; Leora refuses. Dr. Stokes, welcomes the commission on the launch and sails them to the island's shore. He tells them on the way about some of the conditions on the island and the death of the port doctor. A silent woman in black also joins the commission on the launch and disappears once they arrive onto the island.

Once on the island, Dr. Inchcape greets them and apologizes for their lack of hospitality. Sondelius does all the talking to the authorities. Later, it is discovered that Ira Hinkley is on the island when Ira, Martin's old medical school colleague, pays Martin a visit. Ira goes on and on about the "wickedness of the natives" and so on. Martin dislikes him immediately.

The group is placed in a lodge (Penrith Lodge) that is safe and rat-proof. While in the lodge, Martin is visited by a black doctor named Oliver Marchand, who talks with Martin about the phage and its fundamental nature. After their talk, Martin has to re-evaluate his prejudices, for, in arrogance, he had thought that the "Negro" was less inferior.

Sondelius becomes a kind of "dictator" and takes charge immediately, having done this kind of work before and immediately takes to thoroughly killing the rats on the island.


There is much that needs to be looked at carefully in this section regarding symbolism and character analysis.