When Asher visits Krinsky's stationary store, Krinsky calls him "the son of Reb Aryeh Lev." This further highlights the central role family plays in shaping one's identity and position within the Ladover community.

In the later part of the chapter, Aryeh Lev takes two trips: one to Washington and one to Detroit. In each instance, natural phenomena, sickness in the first case, a snowstorm in the second, create potential complications for the trip. Each time, Rivkeh makes a comment to the effect that if the Ribbono shel Olom (Master of the Universe, God) wants the natural phenomenon to interfere, then it will. If he wants it not to interfere, then it won't. This shows us the extent to which God is implicated as a player in everyday affairs in the world of Ladover Hasidim, in the world in which Asher is raised.