Of the many personal and collective transformations the Bedwetters undergo in the course of the novel, the characters' tendency to work as a team becomes one of the most important. While at the beginning of the novel, the boys complain and fight about whom must perform certain duties, by the end, they fight over their profound desire to contribute to the group, each eager to demonstrate his ability and commitment to the group. This change in behavior has resulted in large part because of Cotton's approach to the adventure. For example, Lally two's behavior at the buffalo preserve represents the pinnacle of his transformation as a character. Tentative, insecure, and needy throughout the story, Lally two never volunteers his efforts until this scene, in which he scales the catwalk as soon as Cotton mentions the need for the completion of that task. The other Bedwetters, automatically assuming Lally two has taken off to run and escape from the situation, become quite shocked to see him high in the air instead.