Guppy looks around Weevle’s room and sees a portrait of Lady Dedlock, believing it to be a good likeness. Guppy tells Weevle his attitude isn’t appropriate for the matter at hand, picking up the lodger’s letters from Krook. Krook has arranged to meet them at midnight. Weevle assures Guppy that Krook can’t read. Guppy notices that his coat sleeve is covered in soot, and it won’t brush off. The men agree to make copies of the letters as soon as Krook turns them over. When Guppy sits on the windowsill, he gets yellow liquor all over his hands. Weevle denies pouring anything out of the window, even though the liquor is dripping from the windowsill.

At midnight, Weevle goes to Krook’s to get the letters, but he comes back quickly and says that Krook is gone. Both men go back downstairs to Krook’s and look around. They find a burnt patch on the floor and some other evidence of burning. What they think is a burnt log is actually a piece of Krook, and the men run screaming into the street. Krook has spontaneously combusted.

Summary: Chapter 33, “Interlopers”

Weevle and Guppy give their statements at a tavern called Sol’s Arms. No one sleeps that night; everyone goes to look at Krook’s house. Miss Flite stays at a room at the Sol’s Arms. Sol’s Arms stays open all night, and Weevle and Guppy tell everyone about what they saw. Mr. Snagsby arrives, along with Mrs. Snagsby. She tells him she can’t say for sure he wouldn’t spontaneously combust. Mr. Snagsby secretly wonders if he was in some way responsible for what happened.

Weevle and Guppy go for a walk. Both men deny that they’ve been conspiring but agree that they don’t need to mention the letters. Weevle tells Guppy he can’t stay in his room anymore, but Guppy tries to convince him to stay and investigate. Weevle says Guppy can stay there if he wants.

Grandfather and Grandmother Smallweed and Judy arrive in a coach. Grandfather Smallweed asks them to carry him into the public house in the court. He is surprised to learn that Guppy discovered Krook’s death and says Krook was Grandmother Smallweed’s brother. Grandfather Smallweed has come to deal with Krook’s property. His lawyer is Mr. Tulkinghorn.

Mr. Guppy eventually meets with Lady Dedlock and tells her he doesn’t have the letters. He says he believes they were destroyed along with Krook. On his way out of the room, he runs into Mr. Tulkinghorn, who gives Lady Dedlock a suspicious look.