Meanwhile, Sophie stays up nights waiting for Martine's nightmares to begin. Each time she wakes her mother up, a frightened Martine thanks Sophie for saving her life.

Joseph returns on a night that Martine works, and Sophie dares to go with him to a gig. The experience is utterly magical, and in the car afterward he gives her one of his rings and a kiss.

Weeks later, after the next tour, Joseph takes Sophie to dinner and asks her to marry him. Sophie tells him she needs to think. That night, she tells Martine that Henry Napoleon is not coming back from Haiti.

The next night, after seeing Joseph, Sophie comes home late to find Martine unexpectedly home, frantic and furious. Taking Sophie upstairs, Martine tests Sophie's virginity by making sure her hymen is intact. To distract her, Martine tells Sophie the story of the Marassas, two lovers who were so close that they were practically the same person. Martine asks Sophie why she would leave her mother, her Marassa, for an old man she did not know the year before. Sophie says nothing, but understands why Atie screamed when her own mother tested her.

Joseph is gone for five weeks to Providence. Sophie tells him nothing, and avoids him when he returns. One night, he bangs on the door for two hours until she answers, whereupon he tells her he is going to Providence for good.

Sophie begins to feel isolated and depressed. Martine rarely speaks to her since the testing has begun, but instead goes out alone with Marc. One night, alone, Sophie finds the pestle that her mother uses to crush spices. Sophie remembers the story of a woman who bled for twelve years, and was finally told by Erzulie that she would have to cease being human in order to stop bleeding. The woman chose to become a butterfly, and never bled again.