Yunior imagines a time when the azabaches will fail to ward off evil. Isis will then learn about fukú and begin dreaming about the “No Face Man.” He envisions a day when she will unexpectedly knock on his door, and he will bring her down to his basement, where he has preserved all of Oscar’s belongings, papers, and manuscripts. Maybe, Yunior speculates, she will take all of the material Oscar collected, continue his research, and find a way to end the curse.

Some days, though, Yunior feels less hopeful. He flips through Oscar’s old copy of the graphic novel Watchmen and looks at the only panel in the book that Oscar circled. In this panel, the character Adrian Veidt, who has just helped to save the world, tells Dr. Manhattan: “It all worked out in the end.” Dr. Manhattan replies: “Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends.”

Summary: “The Final Letter”

Eight months after Oscar’s death, a package arrived at the house in Paterson containing the last things Oscar ever wrote: a manuscript with chapters from his incomplete space opera and a long letter to Lola. The letter told Lola to expect a second package with another manuscript. This manuscript contained the results of his research into the history of the family’s curse. He insisted: “It’s the cure to what ails us. . . . The Cosmo DNA.” But this second package never arrived.

In his letter, Oscar confided to Lola that he and Ybón did indeed manage to spend a weekend alone together away from Santo Domingo. He lost his virginity to the older woman, and though he enjoyed the act of sex, he felt more moved by the everyday intimacies of simply being with another person. The last thing Oscar ever wrote concluded ecstatically: “So this is what everybody’s always talking about! . . . The beauty! The beauty!”

Analysis: Part III, Chapter 8 and Epilogue and “The Final Letter”

The events after Oscar’s death recall the events that occurred in the wake of Abelard Cabral’s fateful arrest, two generations prior. Not long after Trujillo had Abelard put in prison for allegedly insulting him with a joke, a series of tragedies struck. Abelard’s wife killed herself, and his two elder daughters died in different but equally mysterious circumstances. His third daughter, a newborn, drifted into a harsh life as a child slave. According to Yunior, this series of unfortunate events bore the mark of the fukú curse. Two generations later, the curse still seems active. Not only has Oscar died in the same cane field where both he and his mother had previously experienced awful beatings, but the family’s troubles haven’t ended with his death. In the midst of the family’s failing struggle to win justice for Oscar, Beli’s cancer returned and took her life shortly thereafter. Following her death, Lola dumped Yunior, breaking her last-remaining link to life as it existed when her family was still alive. Though the events that followed Oscar’s death were not as extreme as those that followed Abelard’s arrest, they still showed the signs that the fukú curse remained alive and well.

The name of Lola’s daughter, Isis, suggests that she might find a way to bring an end to the fukú curse that has long afflicted the de León/Cabral family. According to the mythology of Ancient Egypt, Isis was an immensely powerful goddess. Isis presided over the vast domain of life and the living. She wielded great magic that allowed her to protect women and children and to heal the sick and dying. Her magic was so powerful that she once revived her dead brother and husband. As a figure closely associated with healing and protection, Isis offers a strong symbolic counterpoint against the destructive powers of the fukú curse. Although Yunior doesn’t comment directly on Isis’s name, he does express his belief that she may find a way to end the curse. It is with this belief in mind that he has gone to such great lengths to preserve all of Oscar’s belongings and papers. The research that Oscar conducted throughout his final days in Santo Domingo may not have survived, but some secrets may lie hidden in plain sight in his unfinished science fiction masterpiece. Yunior hopes Isis will pick up where Oscar left off.