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One day, Susie begs Elaine to come over. Susie attempted to induce an abortion, and it’s gone badly. Elaine calls Mr. Hrbik. As she rides in the ambulance with Susie, Elaine realizes Susie has been a naïve girl all along. While part of Elaine knows she would have done the same thing in Susie’s situation, she hears a voice in her head that whispers that Susie deserved it. 

Mr. Hrbik wonders why Susie didn’t tell him about the baby, and Elaine tells him that she was scared. Elaine eventually stops seeing Mr. Hrbik. When he accosts her at university, she simply walks away.

Elaine dreams of Susie as a girl skipping rope. The young Susie asks Elaine if she knows what a twinset is, and Elaine knows she’s done something wrong. 

Summary: Chapter 58

Elaine falls in love with Jon. At the parties he throws, he sleeps with other women because he believes sexual exclusivity is bourgeois. 

In university, Elaine’s art history class covers art that uses more shadow. She notices that the painters painted naked women the same way they painted food. She prefers Medieval and Renaissance art. 

Because she dislikes oil paints, Elaine makes her own egg tempera. She becomes fascinated by glass and reflective objects in art, particularly Van Eyck’s T he Arnolfini Marriage. She knows that Jon would mock her art, so she doesn’t show it to him. She also takes a night class on doing art for advertisement.