In reality, this woman isn’t Grace. The woman throws a jar of black ink at a painting that depicts Mrs. Smeath wrapped in white paper. The newspaper write-up of the exhibition focuses on the ink incident, while dismissing the artwork as “shrill” and “aggressive.” Jody uses these words as advertisement.

Summary: Chapter 63

Cordelia’s parents have sent her to a private asylum for wealthy patients. She calls Elaine after reading about the exhibition in the paper and asks her to visit. 

The nurse allows Elaine to take Cordelia to coffee. Cordelia seems out of it and reveals that the nurses keep her on tranquilizers. Cordelia admits she tried to overdose on medication but begs Elaine to help her escape the rest home. Elaine imagines hiding Cordelia at her place. Jon wouldn’t approve, and Elaine worries about Sarah. She rejects Cordelia’s pleas and is angry at her for even asking. Cordelia accuses Elaine of always hating her, which confuses Elaine.

Elaine dreams of Cordelia falling like in her painting Falling Women. She dreams of Cordelia in the school yard at her present age, angry at Elaine for leaving her. In another dream, one of Jody’s mannequin sculptures carries Cordelia’s head wrapped in a white cloth. 

Elaine tries to write to Cordelia, but the letter comes back returned to sender.

Summary: Chapter 64

Back in the present, Elaine goes to an imitation 1950s diner. She thinks about the movie Mr. Hrbik ended up making. The film depicts two women who go mad because the man who loves them both can’t choose between them. Elaine knows that Mr. Hrbik never saw women as real people, but she didn’t mind because he wasn’t real to her either.