However, when Charna returns, Elaine wonders if perhaps Charna isn’t plotting against her.

Elaine watches the room for Cordelia. She wants to ask Cordelia questions about their past and tell her what she remembers. A young girl approaches Elaine to tell her she loves Fallen Women. Elaine knows the girl doesn’t mean to imply Elaine is old, and for once, she doesn’t say anything sharp in response.

The exhibition ends, but Cordelia never arrives.

Summary: Chapter 73

Drunk and tired, Elaine makes coffee in Jon’s studio and wonders at Cordelia’s absence. She thinks she’s gotten revenge on Cordelia but doesn’t like this justice. She wonders if Cordelia’s dead, but then thinks, “No. I’m not.” A voice in her head repeats that Cordelia is dead and tells her to lie down.

Summary: Chapter 74

Elaine sleeps late and has missed her flight. Now with spare time, she walks her old route from school. She feels hated. She stands on the bridge, which, although different, she sees as the same bridge.

Elaine looks to the place where she heard the voice. She knows now that there actually hadn’t been a voice. Elaine looks down at the path to see Cordelia in her old gray snowsuit. Elaine remembers her own loneliness. She realizes the feelings aren’t hers anymore but Cordelia’s. They always were Cordelia’s. She reaches down to Cordelia and tells her she can go home.