Harley and Leroy are found dead in a ditch and are buried with full military honors. Auntie finally treats Tayo like a full member of the family. When they hear that Emo has killed Pinkie, old Grandma says, "It seems like I already heard these stories before—only thing is, the names sound different.

A poem tells how the witchery is dead for now, and the novel ends with a short poem alone on the last page:

"Sunrise, accept this offering, Sunrise."


Ts'eh's status as a symbolic, mythical creature is confirmed, as she predicts what will happen to Tayo and how he can avoid capture. In this, she is like the Spider Woman who explained to the Sun how to retrieve his children, the clouds, from the gambler. Then when Tayo tells Ku'oosh and the other elders of her, they explain that she is the mythical A'moo'ooh and that the hunter is the mountain lion.

Betonie had explained to Tayo that in order to cure the new illnesses, new ceremonies were needed and that since the illnesses included the influence of the whites, the ceremonies would also need to make use of objects from the whites. The uranium mine represents this element. It represents the relationship of the whites to the earth. They think that they can take possession of it, take what they need from it, and then leave it, without offering anything in return and without completing any ceremonies. As Tayo incorporates the abandoned mine into his ceremony, he reincorporates that part of land, and symbolically all of the land that he whites have claimed, into the Native American tradition and into the reservation.

Tayo is performing the ceremony not only for himself, but also for all of the men who went to the war and for all of his people who are affected by the contact between different cultures and who are afflicted by the drought. He is not, however, able to save everyone. In order to complete the ceremony, Tayo must also accept that a certain element of loss is a part of life. He must not become completely dispirited by the failure of Harley and Leroy to stand up for him in the face of Emo, and he must stand by while Harley is tortured to death. This latter is almost too much for him. But just when he is about to give in, the natural elements come to his aid, reminding him that the people and the community he now belongs to include the animals, the earth, and the elements, which will always be with him.