full title Coming of Age in Mississippi

author Anne Moody

type of work Nonfiction

genre Autobiography

language English

time and place written Early 1960s, New York

date of first publication 1968

narrator Moody

point of view First person, subjective

tone Serious

tense Past

setting (time) Mid-1940s–early 1960s

setting (place) Mississippi, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge

protagonist Moody

major conflict Struggle to overcome racial inequality

rising action Because this is an autobiography, there is no single rising action

climax Because this is an autobiography, there is no single climax

falling action There is no single falling action

themes The ultimate absurdity of racial distinctions; the evil of disunity among blacks in the face of white oppression; the destructive power of prejudice

motifs Food; skin color; prejudice

symbols Anne’s personal growth; the twelve-year-old boy; clothing

foreshadowing The memoir does not use foreshadowing