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Dandelion Wine

Ray Bradbury

Chapters 39–40

Summary Chapters 39–40

All of the changes that seem to occur over the course of Douglas's summer belie the greater truth that life continues on much the same as always. As a kid, he wants things never to end, and so he is sad when John Huff leaves, or when Colonel Freeleigh dies, but what he learns is that even through all of the changes some things remain. Just as a sip of dandelion wine brings back a bit of summer, so in our memories do we bring back bits of people who are gone. And as things leave other things come to take their places. Summer may be gone, but autumn brings many things, some old, some new. Life cycles much like the seasons, and Douglas is content with his life. Maybe some day in the distant future he will be, like Colonel Freeleigh, a sip of dandelion wine, bringing memories of a remote summer to those who were never there.