Dandelion Wine

Ray Bradbury

Chapters 20–22

Summary Chapters 20–22

Douglas has to let John leave, but it is hard for him, and he ends up getting angry with his friend, even though he knows that John cannot be blamed for leaving. A bus coming to replace the trolley was a major blow to Douglas, but he was able to make do because he knew there were certain things he could rely upon, such as playing after supper with his friends. Now it turns out that even his friends will not always be there, and Douglas feels that he cannot count on things remaining the same. This is painful for him, because he has no control over any of the changes that occur. Douglas learns that sometimes we accept things that we do not like because we have no choice, but he is not happy about this fact. So he asks his brother to promise him that he will not leave him. Tom assures Douglas that he will always be around and wonders why it was necessary to ask. Douglas then points out that it is really God whom he is questioning. He understands that events will occur that he has no control over, but Douglas is troubled by the fact that those events seem to bring him only sorrow. Tom, with the wisdom of a ten year old, points out that God is doing his best, reminding Douglas that sometimes there is nowhere to fix the blame and one must simply move on.