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Dandelion Wine

Ray Bradbury

Chapters 23–24

Summary Chapters 23–24

The irony is that after Tom describes the event to Douglas he is interested in only one thing: magic. For the children are unable to understand the other factors, such as Mrs. Brown's personal jealousy of Mrs. Goodwater and her clumsiness, that helped to motivate the entire affair. The kids are free to take from the event whatever they think is significant, and magic is certainly more important than the election of the president of the Honeysuckle Ladies Lodge. Although in some ways they probably did not really comprehend the whole episode, part of the magic for children is that they can draw conclusions that do not have to be logical and that will not be scrutinized by anyone else—they can conclude what they want to and move on from there. This means that for Douglas and Tom this event was only important because it brought forth the idea of magic in their town.