Dangerous Liaisons


Part Three, Exchange Eleven: Letters 112–124

Summary Part Three, Exchange Eleven: Letters 112–124

Danceny addresses Merteuil as "my beloved friend" ("mon adorable amie") in his next letter (Letter One Hundred and Eighteen) and begs her to come back from her absence of two days. He compliments her on her intellect and describes the ways in which her acquaintance with Cécile has increased his feelings for Cécile.

Madame de Rosemonde labors to communicate with the Présidente de Tourvel, producing Letter One Hundred and Nineteen, in which she describes Valmont's recent activities: he has been hiding in his room and looking sad.

In a last ditch attempt to reach out to his Tourvel, Valmont writes to a certain Father Anselme (Letter One Hundred and Twenty), to ask the priest to speak to the Présidente about his recent resolution to confess and renounce his sins.

Merteuil is impressed by Danceny's latest letter. She goes so far, in Letter One Hundred and Twenty-one, as to tell him to stop flattering her and have a mind to Cécile.

Rosemonde writes again to Tourvel (Letter One Hundred and Twenty-two) to tell her how she recently found her nephew in his room looking very pathetic and dejected. When she spoke to him, he intimated that he was thinking of ending his love out of grief over the Présidente.

Father Anselme replies to the Vicomte (Letter One Hundred and Twenty-three) to tell him that he has arranged a meeting with Tourvel for him.