The Da Vinci Code


Chapters 4–9

Summary Chapters 4–9

Sister Sandrine embodies the Catholic Church’s passive attitude toward the Opus Dei sect. Although Sister Sandrine is pious and godly, and although she has suspicions about Opus Dei, she feels she cannot call the sect into question because the Pope himself has sanctioned the organization. However much she may worry, she will do whatever her boss asks because she considers unquestioning obedience part of her faith and duty.

Brown tackles the issue of sexism in this chapter by explaining Fache’s attitude toward Sophie Neveu. Fache seems threatened by Sophie’s education and self-possessed attitude. Fache’s annoyance at Sophie’s arrival at the crime scene and the message she has left for Langdon suggests that he plans to put Langdon in danger. It also raises questions about the detective’s connection to Opus Dei.