The Da Vinci Code


Chapters 45–52

Summary Chapters 45–52

Summary: Chapter 51

Langdon proposes that he and Sophie visit his friend Sir Leigh Teabing in Versailles. Teabing is a religious historian and Grail scholar who might be able to help them. Langdon remembers a controversial BBC documentary about Teabing’s Grail research. They head toward Teabing’s estate, Château Villette.

Summary: Chapter 52

At Teabing’s estate, Sophie and Langdon reach Teabing on the intercom. He asks them three questions before letting them in.


The trope of an ordinary person transforming himself is common in thrillers. In order to feign innocence, Vernet flips between cultured and uncultured personas. He disguises himself as if he is used to it. In the course of The Da Vinci Code, many ordinary people break through their barriers to help the cause of the Priory.

However Opus Dei heard about Saunière’s message (Fache is a natural suspect), the two factions in this novel are about to be drawn together. Until this point, the Silas story has functioned separately from the Sophie and Langdon story.

Sophie’s memories of her childhood with her grandfather humanize Saunière and turn him into a major figure in the novel. Sophie’s memories have also been instrumental in helping her figure out what her grandfather’s final actions meant. The search for the Grail begins to seem like a treasure hunt just like the ones Sophie’s grandfather set up for her when she was a young girl running around the house in search of her birthday present.

Langdon, the retiring academic, finally seems excited about the chase. When he realizes that Saunière was the head of the Brotherhood and that the other three members of the Brotherhood are gone, he understands that it is now his and Sophie’s responsibility to figure out where the Sangreal, or the Holy Grail, is hidden, and to guard the secret. Now he seems to become more fully engaged with the problem and with his personal responsibility. Because he has become involved, he is inspired to take the kind of wily action—foiling Vernet and getting the box back—that until now has been the exclusive province of Sophie.