The Da Vinci Code


Chapters 45–52

Summary Chapters 45–52

The Bishop’s worries about cell phone service are slightly comical. He behaves like a nervous schoolboy waiting for a call from the girl he likes. But his nervousness also underlines the Teacher’s power. The fact that the Teacher has secret knowledge gained by electronic eavesdropping does not provide any clues about his location, occupation, or allegiances. The only thing the reader really knows about the Teacher is that he is a mercenary.

For the first time in this part of the novel, Langdon thinks about Sophie in a sexual way. He smells her perfume as he leans over to speak into the intercom and thinks about “how close they are.” Brown’s interest in the romantic aspect of Langdon’s and Sophie’s relationship seems a little forced, however, almost as if he included it only in deference to the conventions of thriller novels.