Greg Heffley

The protagonist, a middle-school student and the author of the diary. Extremely conscious of popularity and what others think of him, Greg is more concerned with gaining popularity than maturing mentally and emotionally. While he can be selfish and prioritize himself over others, he is also creative and sensitive.

Rowley Jefferson

A middle-school student and loyal friend to Greg. Rowley does not care about popularity and is not self-conscious or easily embarrassed. Despite his indifference to popularity, he tends to be well-liked by teachers and other students.


Greg’s mom, a supportive and patient parent. A former preschool teacher, Greg’s mom often suggests he try new hobbies and encourages her children to make good moral decisions.


Greg’s dad, a supportive but impulsive parent. He wants Greg to be athletic, but discourages him from becoming a bully.

Rodrick Heffley

A lazy teenager, Roderick is Greg’s older brother and main antagonist. Founder and lead drummer of the heavy metal band Löded Diper, he spends his time sleeping or playing music and never earns a grade higher than a C-.

Manny Heffley

Greg’s younger brother. Manny is three years old and often spoiled by his mom and dad, which Greg resents. Manny calls Greg “Bubba.”

Rowley’s Dad

Rowley’s protective father who forbids Rowley from video games and violent television shows.


 A kid who lives in Greg’s neighborhood. Greg thinks he is weird in part because he uses a secret language.

Marty Porter

A student at Greg’s school who runs against Greg in the student government election.

Shane Snella

A younger kid who lives in Greg’s neighborhood and is easily frightened.

Patty Garrell

A girl in the same grade as Greg who wants to be an actress and lands the role of Dorothy in the school’s production of The Wizard of Oz.

Mrs. Norton

An enthusiastic drama teacher who is clueless regarding the dynamics of middle school.

Mr. Ira

A teacher at Greg’s school who oversees the school newspaper and edits Greg’s comic strip.

Uncle Charlie

Greg’s uncle who generally gives wonderful gifts.