As Tris progresses through initiation, her emotional connection to Tobias increases, and she begins to realize that she has romantic feelings for him. Her attraction to Tobias makes her aware that she’s nervous about physical intimacy. When she interacts with him in private, she longs for their bodies to be closer, often describing a feeling of electricity and “a wanting” sensation. She initially has trouble reconciling these sexual impulses with her reserved upbringing. Because Tobias is two years older than Tris, she fears that his idea of intimacy involves having sex. Peter, Al, and Drew’s attack exacerbates these fears, making her aware that her body can be overpowered and sexually assaulted by physically stronger boys. Her worries influence her fear simulation, forcing her to tell a simulated Tobias that she doesn’t want to sleep with him. Eventually, though, she learns to recognize and express her desires in a responsible way. She feels both strong and safe with Tobias, and by the end of the book, they’re able to talk honestly about sex.