This section is important because is chronicles Karana's first contact with other human beings since Ramo died. Unfortunately for Karana, the visitors to the island are the Aleuts, her enemies. Karana's only contact with the Aleuts was years earlier when they killed her tribesmen. Because this was her only impression of them, it is easy to understand why she dislikes them and considers them a threat. When Tutok appears by Karana's house, Karana has every reason to kill her. If Tutok tells the hunters about Karana, they may come back for her, but Karana does nothing. This scene mimics the one in which Karana decides not to kill Rontu, but is different in that pity cannot be the reason why Karana does not kill Tutok. Karana said that one of the reasons she did not kill Rontu might have been because he was so helpless. Tutok is perfectly healthy, however. Although Karana does not understand why she was unable to kill her enemy, she may be motivated by a need for companionship. The similarity of this scene to the one in which Karana spared Rontu echoes the outcome of that encounter, and suggests the possibility that there will be a similar outcome.