Ender establishes a moral universe with rules that differ from the militaristic world into which he has entered. Salamander Army is tough for Ender because he is not used and his talents are rotting under Bonzo. Ender manages to learn from Petra but, more importantly, figures out a way to learn more and maintain a relationship with the Launchies—he starts training them in the battleroom during free play. What Bonzo does not understand is that Ender is too good not to be used and too smart not to figure out a way to do something. Bonzo sees Ender at first as a waste of a soldier and then as a threat after Ender forces him to let the free play practice sessions continue. Even though orders from a commander are considered sacred, Ender breaks Bonzo's in order to help his army. Breaking orders is wrong, but a wrong that is committed in the cause of winning is fine for Ender. Furthermore, Ender always looks at the bigger picture, and he quickly realized that Bonzo does not. This ability to see beyond the immediate future is what Ender uses to manipulate Bonzo and also the reason why he starts training his launch group.


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