Even though Rhett insists that he does not love Scarlett, his romantic interest in her becomes increasingly evident. Rhett realizes that Scarlett is stuck in Atlanta looking after a woman she despises, and he teases her about this morbidly humorous situation. Rhett’s nonchalance and mockery infuriate Scarlett and wound her pride, but Rhett intrigues her. She and Rhett share many of the same shockingly unconventional views, although only Rhett admits them. Rhett belittles prominent Atlanta figures whom Scarlett secretly despises, and he speaks frankly about the lack of Southern patriotism, a lack that Scarlett notices as well. Rhett sees through Scarlett’s artifice and knows she shares his unpopular opinions. Rhett knows that Scarlett’s girlish flirtations hide a selfish heart, a perception that leaves Scarlett powerless to control him as she controls other men. She despises him, but she also wants to win him. Mitchell shows us Rhett’s confidence, sense of humor, and intelligence, and we begin to wonder whether Rhett is the evil tempter everyone thinks him or the perfect match for Scarlett.