by: Toni Morrison

Section 15

Summary Section 15

In this section the story of Violet and Joe is reshaped as the story of the narrator herself. Before this we were led to believe that the focus was on these Joe and Violet while in fact, another journey was unfolding as the narrator came closer to her own peace. Once she finds it, at the very end of the book, she is free to wrap up the other tale, the one that cloaked her story, and to live her own life. Therefore, she leaves some characters, such as Malvonne, Hunters Hunter and Vera Louise, totally unaccounted for while she gives brief updates on others. She quickly summarizes what happens with Alice Manfred and Felice and then spends more time talking about the new love between Joe and Violet. The narrator focuses on the hopefulness of the couples' romance as she ends her tale because she sees that they have found something to sustain them, and that she has found the same thing in the course of her narrative.