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Johnny Got His Gun


Chapters v–vi

Summary Chapters v–vi

Additionally, the story of Jose highlights the damaging nature of the distinctions made between Jody Simmons and his workers. The story presents the workers as a group who work well together and even care for each other to a certain extent. They can hold to customs of courtesy, such as not making a big deal about the fact that men from the unemployment shelter seemingly always lie. Similarly, Jody Simmons seems to be a worthy individual in his own right, as we see as early as Chapter i, in Joe's flashback about the night of his father's death when Jody gives him the night off. If Jody and his workers are good people otherwise, it is in the context of hierarchal distinctions between them that problems emerge. Non-communication develops, along with a sense of indebtedness on the part of Jose, to make a large problem out of a small one. The story of Jose thus highlights the differences between social codes that are dictated by power structures and social codes not dictated by power structures.