Arnold reestablishes radio contact with Harding and company, instructing them to come back immediately. Hammond, finally informed of the technical problems and the fact that the group has not returned, is furious.

Muldoon and Gennaro take Harding's jeep out to find the tour group. They find Regis's leg near the t-rex paddock and wrap it up in a tarp. Exploring the area, Muldoon determines that some of the tour group are still alive. They find Malcolm, who is seriously injured, and bring him back.

Wu helps Arnold deconstruct the computer program Nedry used to disable the security and power system. Muldoon informs Sattler that she and Harding are going to have to take care of Malcolm. The phone lines are still down, so there is no way to get in touch with a doctor on the mainland.

Trying to get out of the tyrannosaur paddock, Grant and the kids scale a fence and cross a moat, finally taking shelter in a concrete shed that is filled with hay and equipment. They huddle together and sleep on the hay.

Arnold fixes the code and restores power to the park. The computers begin searching for Grant and the kids, but are unable to find them. Malcolm jokes with Harding and appears to be doing better, but Sattler tells Gennaro that he desperately needs to be taken off the island for surgery on his leg.

Muldoon heads out to fix a damaged portion of the electric fence. Arnold explains to Gennaro that he thinks Malcolm's interpretation of chaos theory does not apply to the park. Muldoon discovers that the t-rex has broken into the sauropod paddock. Hammond is livid at the prospect of losing a sauropod and instructs Muldoon to retrieve the t-rex that night. Muldoon refuses, claiming it is Hammond's fault that they lack the necessary equipment to bring down the tyrannosaurus.