Grant and the kids take the go-cart back to the visitor center, which is in shambles. Wu, Harding, Muldoon, Sattler, Hammond, and Malcolm are all trapped in a room at the lodge, as three raptors on the roof of the room slowly bite through the bars of the skylight. Sattler goes outside to distract the raptors while Grant makes a run for the generator, leaving the kids alone in the cafeteria.

Sattler draws the attention of two more raptors, but it turns out that these two are merely distracting her while the raptors on the roof come to attack her from behind. Wu steps outside to warn Sattler what is happening. He is killed by a raptor that jumps from the roof, but Sattler escapes. Grant discovers Gennaro still alive and turns on the generator. A raptor sneaks into the cafeteria but Tim locks it in the freezer. He and Lex flee to the control room and find a radio. Muldoon tells Tim that he must turn on the electricity since none of the people who are still alive knows how to use computers.

Tim fiddles with the computer controls, but he and Lex are forced to leave the room when three raptors appear on the balcony. In the hallway, the kids realize that Tim had somehow turned on the electronic door locks, locking them out of every room. They find a security card on a dead guard and use it to open the nearest door.

The raptors follow the kids into the nursery. Tim throws the baby raptor at the attacking adults, who tear it to shreds. The kids run into the next room, meeting up with Grant and Gennaro. Grant distracts the raptors while Gennaro takes the kids and runs into the next room, but they are trapped there. Grant lures the raptors into the laboratory, where he kills two of them by feeding them dinosaur eggs that he has injected with poison. He injects the poison directly into the tail of the third raptor with a syringe. After it dies, he and the others run to the control room.

Tim manages to turn the electricity on just in time, and the bars on the skylight now keep the raptors out. The group calls the supply ship that has the stowaway raptors aboard, instructing it to turn around just before it docks into Costa Rica.

Hammond sighs, relieved that his dinosaurs have not gotten free to overrun the world. Malcolm calls Hammond an egomaniacal idiot for thinking that he could ever be directly responsible for destroying the entire planet. Man will never be able to destroy the planet, he contends.