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The Kitchen God's Wife

Amy Tan
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Chapters 7–9

Summary Chapters 7–9

Also, in these chapters, it becomes evident that Amy Tan is a master storyteller, giving her readers a seemingly endless pool of narrative memories, all richly described. An example of her eye for descriptive detail comes when she is describing the scenes in the abandoned tea storage room-turned bathhouse. Also, it is important that although Winnie tells her story to her daughter as if she were telling it to us, Tan never forgets that she is actually talking to her daughter, and so there are interjections. These interjections, such as Winnie telling her daughter why she had bought her that dresser long ago, serve to show the reader the progress of how mother and daughter will close the gap between them through understanding.

Another interjection comes when Winnie begins to talk about the war and begins to remind Pearl about when Winnie had tried to talk to her about the War in the East and how WWII had not begun with Pearl Harbor. Pearl had just complained and said that that was "Chinese History" and not "American History." This interjection is important because it establishes how wide the gap is between the two generations and also provides space for an understanding that will shorten the distance.