One day while in the market Helen and Winnie got caught in an alarm. Danru and Auntie Du were at home and, thinking that it was just an alarm as it usually was nd that Danru and Auntie Du were on the way to one of the two gates already. They split up. This time, however, the bomb dropped near Winnie's gate, and when she got home Auntie Du and Danru were not there yet. After a frantic search, her servant girl finally runs to her and tells Winnie that the Auntie Du and Danru have arrived home, safely.

Also, in this chapter, a secret about Helen is revealed. While the men are away, Jiaguo writes Helen a letter that she asks Winnie to read out loud for her. By reading more than she was supposed to, Winnie finds out that Helen and Jiaguo's marriage is unconsummated.

Around Christmastime, 1941, Winnie, Helen and their husbands attend an American dance where they eat American foods like brownies and cheese for the first time, listened to American music ,and where Winnie meets Jimmy Louie. Everyone has a good time, and Helen and Jiaguo are dancing close, making Winnie wonder if they have finally consummated their marriage.

There had been talk of a Chinese schoolteacher who had left her husband and was sleeping with all of the American men. Winnie and Helen wanted to see this woman at the dance, but instead they found a Chinese man in an American uniform. This man was Jimmy Louie, who explained that he was American born and that he worked for the United States Information Service as a translator. All of the women were approaching him, asking him to give them American names, which he did. This is how Hulan became Helen and how Weili became Winnie. Winnie, while standing near him and while dancing with him, feels what she calls not love but, "the danger of love," for Jimmy Louie.

When Jimmy meets Wen Fu, and Wen Fu asks him to give him a great American name, Jimmy Louie gives him the name of Judas. Winnie, who has studied some English, immediately picks up on the reference and smiles. She teases him while dancing with him, telling him that it was terrible thing to do to her husband.

When she gets home that night, Wen Fu becomes angry with her because one of the other pilots had made a joke about how the American men were taking the Chinese women, alluding to the dance between Winnie and Jimmy Louie. Wen Fu forces her to divorce him then and makes her sign a paper with a gun pointed at her head. Winnie is internally elated about this until he tells her that Danru is no longer hers because of the divorce. He tells her to beg for forgiveness while the gun is still pointed at her head, but he does not change his mind. Then, keeping the gun pointed at her, he rapes her.