The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

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Part Two, Chapter 7

Summary Part Two, Chapter 7

We see Singer's generous nature in the numerous gifts he gives to all those around him, especially Antonapoulos. Singer unwittingly fulfills one of Mick's secret desires by purchasing the radio; now she does not need to sneak into rich neighborhoods and listen under windows. It is clear through Singer's words to Antonapoulos what astounding effect music has on Mick. It is a special demonstration of the faith Mick feels in Singer; she thinks he shares her passion for music, even though she knows he is deaf: "She comes all the time now that I have a radio for them. She likes music. I wish I knew what it is she hears. She knows I am deaf but she thinks I know about music." Another striking aspect of Singer is the simplicity with which he conveys his thoughts to Antonapoulos. All the tormented visitors come and tell their woes to a very ordinary, nice man whom they have made into a sort of god simply because he listens.

Singer's letter makes it clear that, despite his visitors' beliefs to the contrary, he does not understand much of what they say to him. The guests he likes best appear to be Biff and Mick, as they do not rant at him the way Dr. Copeland and Blount do; the fanaticism of the latter two even makes Singer a little frightened. Singer is baffled as to why the four guests suddenly have nothing to say when they are all put in a room together. He does not realize that they mostly need someone to listen; they are each looking for affirmation for their own private beliefs and relief from their doubts, and none is particularly interested in why the others visit Singer.