Casaubon uses family honor as a screen to hide his true motivation in asking Ladislaw to leave Middlemarch. He tells Will that his chosen profession reflects badly on him, but his real reason for wanting Ladislaw to leave is jealousy and insecurity. He feels as though Dorothea has become a critical wife. Her strong interest in Will's future makes him feel as though she is drawing a comparison between them. Moreover, Will's youth and vitality make him a rival for Dorothea. People continually call Ladislaw his nephew by mistake. Casaubon is constantly forced to face his mortality through Will. He is constantly reminded of the age difference. Will's youth and attractiveness inspire a jealous insecurity that Casaubon can barely admit to himself. Much like Lydgate, Casaubon undergoes a process of self-deception to justify banning Will from Lowick. Notions of family honor act as a screen for his jealousy.