After the raid on Octopussy’s Garden, Chapter Eleven flies to San Francisco to retrieve Cal from jail. He finds the changes in Cal surprising but accepts him. Cal and Chapter Eleven fly home for Milton’s funeral.

When they reach the Middlesex house, Tessie stares teary-eyed at Cal. She had wanted a daughter so badly, and this doesn’t seem fair. Tessie asks why Cal didn’t want to stay the way he was. Cal explains that this is the way he was. Tessie eventually realizes that the change from Callie to Cal is not as dramatic as she’d feared.

Desdemona’s memory has faded, and she’s not well enough to go to the funeral. Cal takes Epsom salts to Desdemona to soak her feet. When Desdemona sees Cal, she mistakes him for Lefty. Cal explains that he’s her grandchild. Desdemona apologizes for not remembering him. Suddenly, Desdemona recognizes Cal as Calliope and asks what happened. Cal explains he grew up. Desdemona says she has heard of children in the village who look like girls and grow up to be boys. She blames herself, and Cal asks why. Desdemona explains that Lefty was her brother.

Cal wants to stay with Desdemona instead of going to the funeral, but Tessie objects. Cal starts imitating Milton’s hatred of the church’s expensive candles, which makes Tessie laugh. She agrees to let him stay because they both know Cal’s presence will be a distraction.

Desdemona proudly tells Cal that her spoon was right, and Cal agrees. She apologizes to Cal, but Cal assures her he’ll have a good life. He promises not to tell anyone that Desdemona and Lefty were siblings. She says that after she’s dead, he can tell everything. She later moves with Tessie and Zoë to New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

When few people attend the funeral, the family realizes that Milton had more business associates than friends. Back at the Middlesex house, Cal stands in the doorway, following Greek tradition to prevent Milton’s spirit from reentering. Cal doesn’t sense Milton’s spirit approach. He stands there, happy to be home, crying for his father, and wondering what he’ll do next.