My Sister’s Keeper

by: Jodi Picoult

Thursday, part 2

Summary Thursday, part 2

Campbell’s motion for a restraining order against Sara demonstrates that Campbell’s main goal at this point remains winning the lawsuit, not necessarily doing what is best for Anna. In his view, removing Sara from the Fitzgerald house will keep Sara from having an influence on Anna. It also makes Sara look bad in court. Both of these effects increase his chances of winning the case. He does not think that Anna might not want her mother removed from her house (after all, Anna still loves Sara, even if she disagrees with her) and he doesn’t consider the rift it would undoubtedly create in the Fitzgerald family. Ironically, Campbell’s actions resemble Sara’s treatment of Anna as a result. By being so focused on winning the lawsuit, Campbell fails to make Anna’s wellbeing his top priority, just as Sara’s focus on saving Kate often meant Anna’s wellbeing became a secondary concern. Both Campbell and Sara sacrifice Anna to win what they see as the larger battle.

Julia, on the other hand, recognizes that, as Anna’s guardian ad litem, her only responsibility is to determine what is best for Anna. She has no obligation to any other member of the Fitzgerald family and has nothing to gain from the lawsuit, whether Anna wins or not. The members of the Fitzgerald family, aside from Sara, appear to trust Julia for this reason. Consequently, Julia gets honest, straightforward descriptions of the family’s history from Brian, Kate, and even Jesse. Kate, for instance, tells Julia about a year when she was sick for every holiday and the effect that had on Anna. Jesse, whose interactions with almost everyone to this point have been short and flippant, describes very honestly his memory of one Christmas where he ran away from the neighbor’s house, chopped down a tree, and decorated it inside the Fitzgerald house. His parents, he says, did not notice because they thought only about Kate. All his gifts that year came from the hospital gift shop, indicating that his parents did not consider Christmas beforehand and had put no thought into making the holiday special for their other children.