Finally there is the issue of Clara and the difficulty in Obi and Clara's relationship. Just when it seems things are going well, things begin to fall apart. Obi is moved by Clara's gift of fifty pounds, but he feels he cannot take it. He lies to Clara, and then everything seems all right after he tells her the truth, only for everything to fall apart once again when the money is stolen. Not only does this strain an already problematic relationship, but it adds another layer to Obi's financial quagmire. He now owes fifty pounds to the bank and fifty pounds to Clara apart from everything else, including his debt to the UPU. Achebe is purposely and continuously adding layer upon layer of problems to heighten Obi's struggles. This is a very intentional move on behalf of the author, in order to illustrate to us how it is that Obi fell into the trap of bribery to which he says he would never succumb.