No Longer At Ease

Chinua Achebe

Chapter 6

Summary Chapter 6

Another important literary device used in this chapter is that of foreboding. We understand that Obi is nervous and worried about all that he must pay out of his salary every month. He feels responsible for his parents' well being and for the continuing education of his younger brother. He also needs to repay his debt to the Union. After all of these thoughts he is relieved by his thoughts of Clara, only to be brought out of that relief by a nagging curiosity about why he cannot tell his parents about their engagement.

This suspicion is followed by rain. The rain here in the end of the chapter is both refreshing and overwhelming at once, as water is. It is refreshing in much the same way that being home is refreshing. This is illustrated within the chapter by Obi's happy memories of childhood. He remembers his playfulness with his sisters and his love for them. He had missed home terribly and now he is inside of his home, being "washed" by its tropical rain. However, this rain is not regular rain, it is a downpour, which, of course, brings negative thoughts and connotations to our minds. We are reminded by this rain of all that has transpired in this chapter, such as the physical and financial state of his parents and whatever consequences for Obi these things may have both financially and emotionally.