Another aspect of the chapter that is important is that Sam Okoli is mentioned twice. First, Okoli is mentioned as merely the "Minster of State" and later as simply Sam. The first time, he is mentioned is when Obi refers to the Minster's "unguarded" comments about bribes being okay. It becomes apparent that the Minister is often "unguarded" when under the influence of alcohol, just as he has been on Obi's last visit to his house. The second time, Sam comes up as simply a friend. Nevertheless, the reader is reminded of his position when his steward says he is at a Cabinet meeting. Moreover, Achebe is illustrating that even men in very high positions of power, men who are apparently not altogether bad, and quite popular even, are tinged by the thread of corruption and bribery.

Then finally there is the issue of Miss Tomlinson. Miss Marie Tomlinson, the English secretary of Mr. Green, is constantly saying things about her boss like "Isn't he odd? … But he's really not a bad man." We are constantly told this, and there are moments when it is almost believable. Nevertheless, Miss Tomlinson is immediately under suspicion by Obi because she is English. He even thinks she may be a spy planted to collect information on Africans, and, thus, he is careful around her, at first.

After having talked to her on the phone and having met her once in person, Miss Tomlinson believes Clara to be a lovely and attractive woman, and she even encourages a more speedy marriage. This attitude seems genuine and sincere to Obi and is concurrent with precisely his own feelings about Clara. Moreover, he finds a connection with Miss Tomlinson because she seems to be, in many ways, an antidote to the Umuofian Progressive Union and its opinions of Clara and other aspects of his life. This is not to say that Miss Tomlinson is not nosy, because she is. She shows interest in Obi's dealings with Mr. Mark and her presence causes Mr. Mark to switch to a language he knows she will not understand. It is as if this young, English secretary satisfies, at times, Obi's English educated side.