Summary: Hour Seven

Everyone starts to get tired, so they begin to take NyQuil in order to sleep in shifts. Quentin imagines the minivan as a small house, in which every part of the car is a room and has a distinct function.

Summary: Hour Eight

Quentin manages to take over driving from Radar without stopping the van and then pee into an energy drink bottle, all while going seventy-seven miles an hour.

Summary: Hour Nine

Quentin and Radar are already sick of the nutrition bars, and feeling twitchy from all the energy drinks.

Summary: Hour Ten

At 12:13 am, it’s time for their second stop, and Quentin wakes up Ben and Lacey. Quentin buys camo pants and a “World’s Best Grandma” T-shirt for Radar, and more energy drinks. He uses the women’s bathroom because Radar is in the men’s. When they get back in the car, Ben announces that they’re a minute behind schedule.

Summary: Hour Eleven

Lacey is now driving, and they get stuck in construction traffic again. They stop to let Lacey and Ben pee, since they’re losing time anyway, and Quentin takes over the driving.

Summary: Hour Twelve

Quentin and Ben are the only ones awake. Ben tries to manage Quentin’s expectations about Margo, saying that it’s easy to like someone from a distance but can be hard when you finally get up close. Quentin starts to get angry, but suddenly realizes that there is a cow in the road, and they are careening towards it. If he hits the cow, Quentin thinks, everyone in the car will die. Ben grabs the wheel from the passenger seat and the car spins out of the road before stopping in the shoulder. Miraculously, everyone is okay. Quentin is bleeding a little because of a scratch from a broken bottle, but everyone else is unscathed. The car is fine, too. They hear liquid pouring out of the car. Ben is convinced that it’s gasoline and runs away screaming, but the liquid is just beer from all the broken bottles in the cooler. Ben returns, and Quentin hugs and thanks him for saving their lives. Ben takes over the driving.