Ultimately, however, Margo and Quentin go their separate ways. This is not a classically happy ending in that neither character suddenly changes his or her nature. They do not ride into the sunset or head to New York City together. Instead, Margo and Quentin are able to move forward into the futures that make the most sense for each of them. The novel’s final scene is certainly a wish fulfillment for Quentin, since he experiences the deep one-on-one connection with Margo that he has been seeking throughout the novel, but he doesn’t upend his entire life to stay with her. Through Margo, Quentin discovers the strength to let her go. Both characters say true to themselves: Margo knows that Quentin will always be loyal to her, even though he has to go away, and Quentin knows that even though he will always be smitten with Margo, he has deep roots and connections that he cannot overturn on a whim. Margo and Quentin help each other understand their natures and values, and guide each other into their respective paths.