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The zeroing in on the Riddle House works like folklore that the careful reader can use to sink his or her teeth into this book; we should be able to recognize the name "Riddle" as Voldemort's past name, as explained in the second book in the series. Most of all, we should know that Voldemort's murderous acts are deeply connected to Harry, specifically to Harry's scar. We know Harry is drawn into this evil plot simply by the fact that he is woken up by it, and we should be prepared for its repercussions throughout the story. Also, we should note a complication with Wormtail in this beginning: although he claims to be Voldemort's loyal and obedient servant, he is not eager to kill Harry. Recall in the last book that Harry saved his life, and be aware of this divided guilt and loyalty of this character. This beginning sets the stage for many mysteries to come, and it informs us from the start of what sort of plot Harry will eventually have to face at the end.